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Free4Talk Chat Review.

Free4Talk Review.


Here’s the thing.

I joined a chat platform called Free4Talk.Com. It is a site where you can learn a new language or teach others. What a great concept, right?

Well in theory, it works. In reality it is filled with a bunch of racist homophobic judgmental fucks. One asshole, in particular, is

Naceer نصير Speaks
Naceer نصير Speaks

Although the site is riddled with RADICAL Muslims, who hate homosexuals. This piece of pork is the worst by far.

Naceer نصير Speaks came into my room and told me that he would like to see me wrapped in a carpet, dropped from a rooftop so he could hear my skull crack. Religion of peace!

The admins are no better. I reported this idiot to admin. and Naceer نصير Speaks was banned for less than a day. I was recently banned for “Sexuality” because I opened a room called “LGBTQ and Friends. Advanced English“. I was banned for 15 days! What in the actual fuck is wrong with these people?

The first entry was me under a new account.

I chatted with a moderator who asked me, “How does it feel, racist?”.

After I told them they could not ban me for that reason as the site is registered in the U.S.A they change it to “sexuality/inappropriate content”. Bullshit! I was in a room with a good friend of mine.


Not too obvious, huh?

Well, one day I went in to a room of friends and asked, “What’s up ma niggas?” Some tight assed social justice warrior snowflake got offended and reported me.

Believe me, I am NOT racist, ask any of my exes or current fuck buddies including those who are NOT white. Let’s face it. I’m not hated by these sand dwellers. I’m hated because they follow a hateful religion, which is Islam. They hate me because I am gay. The fact that someone felt the need to go and tell them I was gay, speaks volumes.

The site is very easy to use and I enJOYed it while I was able. Other than that? No big deal.

I would encourage everyone who has principles, to not use this site or demand equality from them.

“They done messed with the wrong one.”

I reported Naceer نصير Speaks to Homeland Security as well as the FBI. Why? Well, Naceer نصير Speaks lives in the U.S.A.  He called America “The evil empire” and calls for the killing of gays. Get rid of this filth from our country!

I also reported Free4Talk to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union, the registrar where Phoung (creator of the site) as it is a United States Company. Click here for more into on the company. I also sent a letter to the owner of the site – Dao Quang Phuong. The only people I have heard back from, so far, is the ACLU and the FBI. The FBI told me I would receive no further information as it is an open case. Not sure what that means, but, it sounds good!

Don’t get a bitch wrong. I have no problems against Muslims, in general. I have a problem with radical religious people who feel the need to force their beliefs and hate on me.

My advice? Don’t use Free4Talk unless they change their hateful ways.

This is actually on the site:

Free4Talk Rules and Penalties

*** Breaking any of these rules will get you ban ***

1. Do not talk about sensitive topics, do not have a picture that is insulting or has bad words. (Between 3-15 days ban)

2. Screaming, annoying, bothering, trolling, watching or sharing sensitive content is not allowed. (Between 7-365 days ban)

3. Kicking people out of a room without any reason is not allowed.
If you kick people too often, we don’t care about your reason and you will be banned. (Between 3-15 days ban)

Be nice and polite. Thanks!

Free4Talk Prison

Yes. They have a “prison” for banned people. Can you say, kindergarten?

Love and Peace,

Mark Seydel.

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Good lad, Mark ! These statements of yours are more than extraordinary. The concatenation of erroneous events leading to banning from that platonic website is a massive wound to one’s heart. It’s not the friend but a family thing. I personally believe that the people those who I have encountered with are my family now. However, those murdering circumstances of one’s heart and soul is seriously a piece of tyranny. And it must not be denied that the rules are very reckless. In my opinion and from the family members that I have earned so far through love, I would say that it must be transported into a civilized penal code rather the current disruptive policies. Because even though if people have not yet encountered those criteria, they still have to face the unjustified torment. And Mark, I bare witness and believe in you and your statement are totally based on truth and authenticity. And I always am with you for this justice. Because of some innocent and fragile constellations of individuals the authentic people get abused allegedly.


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