Gay Religion

Your God in my Bedroom.

Your God in my Bedroom.

Men in bed.I hear a lot about radical religious people about how I’m going to hell, should be killed, etc.

I have a question for these people:

Why do you get more excited about what goes in my bedroom than I do? Think about it. You spend a lot of time thinking about buttfucking!

If you don’t like gay men I highly suggest you refrain from sucking cock or fucking dudes up the ass. You see? It’s really that easy. Right?

Go on with your life. You know, the one I don’t infringe upon. I don’t infringe upon your sexual life because I’m not a pervert.

Get you mind and your savior or prophet out of my fucking bedroom ya freak!

By the way – they watch, right?

God bless,




Your thoughts?